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What is BetKing?

If you have any interest in cryptocurrency-based online gambling, then chances are that you might have heard of BetKing.

If you haven’t, well, Betking is a website that came to light in April 2013 and became one of the most popular facilitators of online dice games powered by cryptocurrency.

However, despite making over 7,000 Bitcoins in profit and holding the distinction of hosting the biggest crowdfunded bankroll of 6,000 Bitcoins, the site ended the run of its initial operations in December 2016.

The closure was the result of a transition period when the site’s founder, who is known by the name of Dean, had decided to make BetKing more than just a dice site and focused on expanding his team.

It seems that had essentially been working on all aspects of the site by himself.

However, the first initial coin offering (ICO) – that was held for crowdfunding, performed below expectations, and only raised 620 BTC out of its expected 2000 BTC. As a result, the digital funds were returned to the investors and BetKing closed soon afterwards.

It then came back around June 2017, and held another ICO that ended by September 2017. The ICO was successful this time, and raised over $6.5 million in funds collected in cryptocurrencies, while BetKing’s native token BKB was distributed to investors. The BKB is currently being traded on HitBTC (it is not listed on valuation information sites such as CoinMarketCap).

Since then, BetKing has relaunched its site with new offerings, approach and target for expansion, and by the looks of it, it is well on its way to achieve those objectives.

First impression of Betking

The site itself is very well designed and provides helpful information to new users while offering direct links to start new games for its existing players. The website also mentions that the games which are offered through the website will always be provably fair.

At the moment, the website offers two games: the original dice game which made BetKing so famous in its initial run; and a poker game which is detailed and provides a graphics interface for users to play it.

Dice Game on BetKing


Games offered by Betking

The Dice Game

The Dice game is offered with basic yet helpful functionalities. The functionalities are comprised of options such as the betting amount and the chance of win percentage.

The page itself provides users with a step by step demo and tells them what each field means in the provided betting box.

Profit table

Betking payout table

By using these helpful features, players can place bets easily as long as they have the funds deposited in their account. Helping players to enjoy a classic, provably-fair game of dice.

The Poker Game

The poker game has a more graphical user interface, but BetKing makes certain to provide a very comprehensive guide.

Betking have provided a guide that helps to walk its players through each of the steps, rules, and regulations of how the poker game would exactly work. This guide is available on their website.

The starting interface for the poker game shows a slew of options to choose from.

Poker table interface

When you move past it, you get to the main poker game itself.

Betking Poker Table

The bets are different in each game, where no limits tables are also offered.

Bonus: Weekly Rake Race

Apart from these two games, the platform has a “Rake Race” that resets every week.

On the BetKing platform, users earn 1 point towards this weekly rake race for every 0.001 BTC that they pay in rake on the poker tables.

The top 50 point accumulators are added to the rake race leaderboard in three different stake categories, namely micro, low, and mid. These leaders then receive cash prizes in USD.

With these functionalities, the BetKing platform is also planning to add new provably fair games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as sports betting.

Rake race

Which cryptocurrencies does Betking accept apart from its BKB token?

BetKing has one of the most expanded portfolios when it comes to accepting cryptocurrencies. At press time, it accepts the following cryptocurrencies for players to utilize its online gambling services.

  1. BKB (BetKing’s native token)
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Ethereum
  4. Litecoin
  5. OMG
  6. TRON
  7. EOS
  8. Status
  9. Populous
  10. Golem
  11. Augur
  12. Veritaseum
  13. SALT
  14. Basic Attention Token
  15. FunFair
  16. Power Ledger
  17. TenX
  18. Ethos
  19. Civic

How awesome is that? Very!

How can I start playing on Betking? Is Betking secure?

To start playing games on BetKing, you can create an account on the platform with just a username and password (providing an email address is optional).

This ensures that any transactions that you perform are not traceable to your personal information, since the only financial information that you will be sharing with BetKing will be your cryptocurrency wallet address.

The deposits can be made to BetKing’s address after a new account has been created on the platform. Similarly, users can make withdrawals to their own wallets from their BetKing account.

The network also offers two-factor authentication for added security for user accounts.

How is the customer service on Betking?

Even though BetKing has a Knowledge Center, the platform does not provide readily available contact details for its support staff.

This makes it difficult to find an official on the site when you have a question.

However, the platform has active channels on different social media platforms where the site’s official staff can be contacted.

How fun is the experience with Betking?

The dice game is a classic set of options that tells you if you won or if you lost depending on your fate.

If you enjoy these type of games and the thrill that comes with them, then the experience would prove to be enjoyable for you.

The poker game, on the other hand, makes use of graphics to some extent. Classic card players would enjoy the way that the platform has designed the game as well.

All in all, the current offerings from BetKing especially with its acceptability for a wide range of cryptocurrencies make the online gambling experience a breeze.

When the platform adds more games in the future, they could work towards enhancing its value proposition.


BetKing is a very popular Dice site and now poker site! For any high rollers out there then this casino is a great choice. There is also the ability to invest in the bank roll too.

  • Gameplay
  • Design
  • Anonymity

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