An Ethereum Based Dice Game!


Etheroll is a simple 100 side dice game for new and old players alike.

It can be described as a simple online casino which allows players to set their individual bets, as well as their risk tolerance and accordingly, their rewards.

A little bit about Etheroll is the fact that they did launch recently but they have been live for more than a year. They did also host a token sale with a coin called DICE and they have progressed from there.

But, enough about their history, let’s go on to the site.

One of the most important aspects of Etheroll may be the fact that it takes simplicity into account. The site designs primarily for simplicity, providing the end user with what they want, making the experience more pleasant.

The site does so throughout the whole experience, one can visit the website and understand immediately what they are about, what they do and their specific differentiation.

Etheroll In-Game

A provably-fair game with 1% house-edge, Etheroll enlightens its visitors about related points of interest of the betting offerings.

It outlines basic yet important factors such as the bet size and the chance to win rate, and even outlines that data in a Bet Slip for the reference of the players after they have chosen the pertinent choices.

It likewise isolates data in regards to most recent bets alongside its “help” articles in independent tabs, making it simple for new users to find out about the site and precisely how it functions.

That being said, the information about the most recent bets can only be accessed if the user is connected to an active Ethereum node.

Users can do so by two methods: by either installing the Mist browser or by installing the MetaMask browser extension in their existing Chrome, Mozilla or Opera browsers.

These methods help the users connect to the Ethereum blockchain without having to run any other external application from their conventional computers.

However, it should be noted that the Etheroll team asks for Mist browser for optimal functionality since the platform supports the Mist browser fully.

It seems that Etheroll is able to support Mist a bit more than it can MetaMask.

The platform implements this functionality to ensure that it is providing accessibility to the everyday user who enjoys playing cryptocurrency based games but cannot connect to the blockchain using heavy machines every now and then.

How to play the game on Etheroll?

When you have established a connection with the Ethereum node, you would have the ability to see the data in regards to most recent bets.

By having your wallet connect with the blockchain, you will now also have the capacity to play the game by selecting the desired options. You just utilize the sum that you need directly from your Ethereum wallet since Etheroll platform does not need any deposits.

Remember that when you place a bet it takes about five minutes to be processed, so you may not be able to place bets quickly, hoping to win at a faster pace.

When you have chosen your bet and the chance to win rate, you can choose a number from 1 to 100, and if your outcome is lower than your chosen number, at that point you win.

On the off chance that it isn’t, at that point you 1 Wei back to your wallet, and you can try your hand at dice again.

How can I start playing? Which cryptocurrencies does Etheroll accept?

Etheroll has its cryptocurrency by the same name but with the ticker of DICE. However, since it only accepts ETH as its primary payment method, the DICE token serves other purposes than fulfill the need to be a payment token.

Depending on how much DICE a user has, they receive earnings every 12 weeks, and these earnings are distributed by sharing the collective profits of all Ether payments.

The DICE token gets its holders the rights to place bets on the platform while leveraging the house-edge. The holders also get to enjoy taking part in the site’s governance by voting.

The DICE token is trading at around $1.12 at the moment, and it is available on exchanges such as EtherDelta.

How is the customer service on Etheroll?

The Etheroll site staff states that it wants to reply to all user inquiries no later than 24 hours of receiving them.

The game has listed its support staff’s email address so people could reach out to them through email in order to seek answers for their questions and resolution for their issues.

Is Etheroll an enjoyable platform?

With its simple offering of a dice game but which has useful features such as eradicating the need for deposits, Etheroll is certainly one of the most user-friendly solutions available when it comes to online dice games.

While the site offers a colorful design as compared to other color-neutral dice gaming websites, it goes on to show that things do not need to be boring in order to be good.

The user involvement, which requires no sign-up, is also something that adds to the features of the Etheroll platform for many potential users.

And the game itself with its simple text based interface remains as one of the few quality platforms for people who enjoy the simplicity of these games.

The cool thing about Etheroll is the fact that they have little overhead because of their online natures as well as other aspects. These costs savings are transferred to you, the end user and you aren’t charged high fees as well.

Try the game and check it out and see what happens!

Fair warning, this game can get addicting and can be quite fun!

Good Luck!


Etheroll is a new Dice game that is run on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is a new and exciting provably fair game that has a no sign up and no deposit method of play!

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