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What is Just-Dice?

Cryptocurrencies have opened doors to never seen before achievements in innovation, and they are slowly making their way into almost every aspect of the digital world.

From music curation to fund transfers, cryptocurrencies are making day to day operations easier for the end user is an undeniable fact.

However, these digital assets are also used in more enjoyable aspects as well – most notably in online gambling.

Actually, when it comes to online gambling, it seems that cryptocurrencies have found a home like none other. The comfort level and privacy that cryptocurrency brings for online gambling enthusiasts has given birth to many online betting sites, and while some of them are just pure clones of each other, many of them seem to take you by surprise.

One such site that sets itself apart with its simplicity is Just-Dice. Just-Dice  fulfills the purpose that it was created for and provides a dice game in its humblest form.

What is Just-Dice? First impression?

Just Dice Website

As the title proposes, Just-Dice has one basic target to achieve and it does so with a sole focus.

Stating that the site does not rely on eye candy is putting it rather diplomatically. In other words, if brevity had a website to represent itself, it would be Just-Dice.

The interface is not here to play around. It has everything that it needs and it does not seem to want to rely upon heavy design elements at all.

For instance, the most fundamental points of interest like the insights about bets and chances are displayed in noticeable sections; and the site even provides extra statistics about live bets that are being placed through. The site also shares the details of  the individual player’s record and their own particular wagers.

However, it does not provide any additional images or graphical elements.

The game is provably fair and Just-Dice does not hold back from elaborating how precisely it accomplishes and maintains that status.

The site states:

“This game is provably fair. What that means is that there is no way the site can cheat you by picking numbers to make you lose. You can take our word for it, but for the crypto-nerds out there, here are the gory details:

When you click ‘randomize’ in the top right we make up a secret random string (the server seed) that is used to randomize the rolls. You are shown the hash of the server seed, and are asked to supply your own random number (the client seed) to further randomize the rolls.”

Moreover, Just-Dice also has a 1% house edge when it comes to its dice games, yet the site makes it quite transparent with a difficult to miss pop up warning when you visit the landing page.

All things considered, regardless of its very straightforward look and structure, the site does what it should do and gives players basic choices to lead them towards their objective of playing dice games.

Just-Dice also offers Investments for its Bankroll

Just-Dice additionally enables new and old visitors alike to invest their funds into the site’s own bankroll. Allowing for investing in the bankroll gives another opportunity for investors to take advantage of potentially gaining more returns and winnings.

The arrangement works just as characterized by the data accessible on the site; yet since it is a betting site, any amount that you put into its bankroll is likewise subject to either increment increase or decrease, it all depends on the players and their bets.

The site makes that obvious, in any case, as it advises all prospective investors to mull over the opportunity and contribute just on the off chance that they will be as affable with potential misfortunes as they would be with future benefits.

How is the Customer Service?

In addition to providing a live chat option where players can interact with other online players as well as the site’s admins, the site also provides contact details for its admins where they can be contacted easily.

How can I start playing? Which cryptocurrencies does Just-Dice accept?

Keeping true to its simple yet unconventional approach, Just-Dice decides to accept payments in a rather lesser-known cryptocurrency called CLAMS.

The site does not accept any form of payment besides this cryptocurrency, which is both odd and seems like a marketing move on CLAMS’ part because the coin has not seen any effective use case ever since its release in 2014.

It is currently being used by Just-Dice and a number of other online gambling sites, but its usage ends there. However, this does not seem to put Just-Dice in a weird situation. The the website has been encouraging users since day one to use CLAMS to pay and play on the site.

Based on Bitcoin’s code but using a proof-of-stake consensus, CLAMS has been trading on a few exchanges since the last couple of years.

And Just-Dice directs people towards all those exchanges in order to buy CLAMS and then use them to deposit  into the site’s account. Once the CLAMS have been deposited in the account, individuals can get to the fun stuff and start playing dice games.

Players can deposit CLAMS to the site starting from an amount of 0.001 CLAMs.

The withdrawals can be performed easily. It is important to note, for repeated withdrawals, users need to email the site’s admins first. They must do so, in order to verify their identity for security purposes, then their request for withdrawal gets fulfilled within a few hours.

How enjoyable is the experience to play? what is the Overall review for Just-Dice?

The experience only deems to be enjoyable if you can derive pleasure of playing online games without relying on a highly graphical UI or gameplay.

It is because the game actually does not offer any graphical UI at all. The buttons shown in the image above are the whole game. All that users need to do is to utilize those features, see the numbers generate over screen and find out whether they won or lost.

And that is what the sole purpose of the game is. You roll the digital dice without even seeing it, and it is the outcome and the thrill leading up to it that makes the game interesting. The site chooses to keep it simple instead of showing you highly elaborate pixels which could seem to be a visual treat, but might take away from gameplay.

Therefore, if you are not put off by little to no graphics but do want to experience the thrill of online gambling, then Just-Dice might be the game for you. If simplicity is not of interest to you, you might have to explore other potential cryptocurrency based options.


Just Dice has a very high reputation for trust within the Bitcoin gambling space. They only offer the one game but it is highly addictive and has a huge fan base.

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  • Design
  • Anonymity

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